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Request your free market analysis in Lubbock now! I can get you the information you need. I'm Adam Wood, REALTOR®; come to me when you have any questions about the real estate process, or how to make more money off the home you've loved for so many years. I'll guide you through every step so that you can accomplish your real estate dreams with less stress than ever before.

A market analysis is a comparative report that considers the location, age, and size of your home, and puts it up against other homes in the neighborhood. I'll find out if one of your neighbors has sold for more than market value in recent years because it's a good sign that you'll be able to do the same. Either way, I'll make sure you're ready to walk away from this sale with a better return in your pocket.

I know the Lubbock area well, and I know what local buyers want to see in a home. I'll help you prepare for the sale if you decide to take that step; together, we'll find the worth of your home, do any repairs needed to raise that price even higher, and then sell so you can move on with your life. I'll make this process so comfortable you'll wonder why you didn't ask me for help sooner.

Let me run a free market analysis on your Lubbock home. I have access to the best resources; let me use these to your advantage, along with my local and market expertise. I’ll schedule a complimentary consultation for you so we can go over your results and make a plan of action. It’s never been easier to accomplish your real estate goals.

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